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bekende aga bezitters


In hun eigen woorden, vertellen enkele bekende AGA eigenaren waarom hun AGA zo speciaal is.

"An AGA is the heart of the home - it makes life so much easier and warrmer."
Jasmine Guinness, model

"The kitchen is my favourite retreat. It's got a fireplace where I've put the AGA. It's transformed my attitude to cooking."
Martin Clunes, acteur

"The kitchen was the centre of my family's life when we were growing up. And at the centre of the kitchen was the AGA."
Mary McCartney, fotograaf

"All those clichés are true - it really is the heart of the home."
Sophie Conran, schrijfster

"My perfect weekend would be spending it at our farmhouse having a big breakfast, reading the papers and listening to the Archers omnibus edition. Then going for a long walk and coming back to eat something that's been cooking slowly in the AGA."
Janet Street-Porter, schrijfster/presentatrice

"We had an AGA when I was growing up. My mother won't cook on anything else. She simply refuses."
Tom Parker-Bowles, schrijver en presentatrice

"The AGA is an iconic part of British life. I've cooked on an AGA, since the day I was born, or at least my mother did. I'm very enthusiastic about it... This is Britain - you've got to use an AGA."
Rick Stein, chefkok

"My cat Nigel loves sitting in front of the AGA, so I need to find him somewhere else to sit so I can keep it clear when I'm cooking."
Antony Worrall Thompson, chefkok

"I think the AGA makes people better cooks; they're generally technically better cooks because they understand cooking."
Jamie Oliver, kok/ schrijver

"I use my AGA every day. It's nice, warm and the heart of the home. I love it to bits."
Alex James, muzikant

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Ook deze bekenden bezitten een AGA:

Madonna, muzikant HRH Prins Charles. Engeland
Kate Winslet, actrice Rio Ferdinand, voetballer
Cristiano Ronaldo, voetballer Sharon Stone, actrice
Jade Jagger, ontwerper Sting and Trudy Styler, muzikant en film regisseur
Jeremy Clarkson, presentator en schrijver  Claudia Schiffer, model
Elle McPherson, model  Colin Firth, acteur
Elizabeth Hurley, model  Shania Twain, zangeres/songwriter
David Cameron, Conservatieve Partij leider, Verenigd Koninkrijk  Chris Evans, presentator
Jonathan Ross, presentator  Robert Carlyle, acteur
Jilly Cooper, novelist  Robbie Coltrane, acteur
Rachel Allen, schrijfster en presentatrice  Billy Joel, muzikant
Chris Beardshaw, schrijver en tuinier  Julia McKenzie, actrice
Mary Berry, schrijfster  Alan Titchmarsh, schrijver en presentator
Raffaella Barker, novelist  Thomasina Miers, schrijfster
Kate Muir, novelist en columniste  Julie Walters, actrice
Sophie Davant, presentator  




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